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Cebu, Philippines
Crown Regency is giving you a new reason to visit Cebu. We are offering you three ways to enjoy the beauty of this fast-growing mega-metropolis. First is Crown Regency Hotel & Towers Cebu. Witness the monumental marriage of form and technology in this commanding building on Osmeña Boulevard. Second, comes Crown Regency Suites & Residences Mactan. This world-class hotel sits on a sprawling 1.5 hectare landscape that offers the comfort of home with all the services and facilities of an international hotel. Finally, and equally impressive, is Crown Regency Residences Cebu. This third member of the Crown Regency family boasts of unparalleled accessibility with its strategic location along V. Rama Avenue, Guadalupe.
Three members of Crown Regency family, exhibiting different and unique qualities, but all proudly rooted in the same family of world-class quality standards.
Crown Regency Hotel & Towers
Crown Regency Hotel & Towers Cebu
Poised to be a commanding figure on the Cebu City skyline is Crown Regency Hotel & Towers Cebu. This structure will tower over the Queen City of the South with its 23-story, 22,000-square meter Fuente 1 building and its equally arresting twin, the 38-storey, 36,000-square meter Fuente 2. The buildings will hold 18 floors of a full-amenity hotel, Club Ultima, a medical diagnostic building and office spaces. These self-sufficient buildings will be everything you need in one property.
Crown Regency Suites
Crown Regency Suites & Residences Mactan
Considered one of the best hotels in Mactan, Crown Regency Suites & Residences Mactan rises majestically on a 1.5 hectare landscape. This world-class hotel offers guests the most luxuriously comfortable accommodations in the the city. At Crown Regency Suites & Residences Mactan, not only will you be treated to top-notch rooms, you will also have full access to five-star facilities and stellar personal service.
Crown Regency Residences
Crown Regency Residences Cebu
With 167 guest rooms and suites to designed to provide you with utmost comfort, Crown Regency Residences Cebu is the very definition of an upscale hotel. Crown Regency Residences Cebu promises the most relaxing stay in Cebu city with its unique variety of themed rooms, expectation-exceeding services and first-class facilities. Even better is its strategic location along V. Rama Avenue, Guadalupe, just minutes away from the provincial capitol.